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18" LPXLR-4M Low-Profile Male to Hirose DC cable, For 12-18 VDC Input to Battery Bud or other DC powering devices from a battery/DC source with XLR 4-pin connection.


3.8mm OD Cable with Ultra-flexible PUR Polyurethane Jacket material that is crush resistant, tear-resistant and cold-resistant.


You can adjust the outlet angle of the LPXLR-4M comfortably from 30° to 150° and 210° to 330°.

18" Low-Profile XLR-4M to Hirose 4-pin

  • Length: 18”
    Connectors: LPXLR-4M toHirose 4-pin
    Low-Profile XLR-4M Connector

    Blue 3.8mm Cable with PUR Jacket

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