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Lo-Pro Cap, for CT-LPXLR Low-Profile XLR Connectors. Available in 10 interchangeable Cap colors to customize your color profile at any time: Black, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, White, Gray, Purple and Brown. Compatible with our 3-pin and 5-pin connector types.

Color Caps for LoPro XLR Connectors

  • CT-LPXCAP-K, Black
    CT-LPXCAP-R, Red
    CT-LPXCAP-B, Blue
    CT-LPXCAP-G, Green
    CT-LPXCAP-Y, Yellow
    CT-LPXCAP-N, Orange
    CT-LPXCAP-W, White
    CT-LPXCAP-A, Gray
    CT-LPXCAP-P, Purple
    CT-LPXCAP-S, Brown

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