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9" LPXLR-5F to XLR-5M Low-Profile STEREO "Shortie" XLR 5-pin Mic Jumper Cable, Gray Cap and Ring, Black shells, gold pins. Ultra-flexible cable for reducing transmission of handling noise.

The XLR female's side-exit cable outlet orientation is user adjustable from 30° to 150° and 210° to 330°. Perfect for shotgun microphones mounted on a boom to help reduce profile, weight and handling noise.

STEREO 9" Shortie Mic Jumper cable

  • Length: 9"
    Perfect for Stereo Mics
    Ultra-flexible Quad cable
    Low-Profile XLR-5F
    Neutrik XX Series XLR-5M
    Black shells with gold pins
    Gray Cap & Ring

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