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Ambient QuickPole Boom Maintenance Kit for Quickpole Booms  


• 4x Black Velcro Felt (cut to size)

• 4x White Spacer Tape (cut to size)

• 5x Black Rubber Rings

• 1x Leather Ring for the Tip

• 1x Small Tube with Grease

• 1x Small Tube with Silicon Oil


use with QP5, QP, QS, QXS, QX Series booms


Ambient products stand for durability and high quality. However, boompoles are mechanical devices that require regular maintenance. Frequent use over the years can lead to contamination or wear of single elements, so that the boom can no longer be extended as smoothly as you are used to. But don't worry: using the Ambient QuickPole Maintenance Kit you can maintain your boompole so that it feels like new afterwards.

Ambient QuickPole Boom Maintenance Kit

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