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30” AES/XLR-3F to DE-15 [D-Sub 15-pin] digital microphone cable for Sound Devices 788T, to inputs 1/2 of 788T. Sound Devices 788T 15-pin D-Sub Digital Mic Cables - XLR-3F to DE-15 digital cables designed to input digital microphones like the Schoeps SuperCMIT 2U and Sennheiser MKH8000D Series into a Sound Devices 788T. The digital input section of the 788T is located on the rear of the recorder via a DE-15 Multi-function connector. Premium components: genuine Mogami W3080 110 ohm AES cable and Neutrik® XX Series connectors. 30” lengths, Black cable, Black connector shells with gold pins. Available as a single or dual XLR-3F to DE-15. The XLR-3 connectors of the CT-DE15/2 utilize a Yellow ring for Left/CH 1 and a RED ring for Right/CH 2.


  • Length: 30”
    XLR-3F to DE-15
    D-Sub 15-pin
    Audio to INPUT 1/2 on 788T

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