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A modular passive interface that allows a pair of additional wireless line level signals to input into a Sound Devices™ mixer via the Link I/O or Mix In connector quickly adding two channels to your mixer. The box's small size compared to an active 2-Channel mixer allows you to save $$$, precious bag space, battery life and weight while still having complete control over the wireless levels in the stereo mix.

The RXE II is especially useful with the Sound Devices 664 and its ISO recording features. The two wireless channels from the RXE Two into the Link I/O will be present in the L/R main Bus. These two channels can be ISO tracked by recordring the L/R main Bus without sending the standard 1-6 inputs to L/R. You now have 6 ISO input channels and 2 channels on the L/R Bus ISO recorded for a total of 8. The 664 has extensive custom monitoring capabilities that can selected in the monitor menu. A mix of the 6 standard inputs can be recorded by selecting to record them in X1 and X2.

RX Emergency II

SKU: RX-002
    • TA5M 5-pin connection for modular Stereo input, Balanced, Line Level 
    • TA3M 3-pin connection for modular output to Sound Devices mixer, Unbalanced Stereo 
    • Ideal input expander accessory for Sound Devices™ 664, 552, 302 and 442 field mixers
    • Passive Design - no power needed
    • Modular: Removable cables
    • Premium Bourns® potentiometers to adjust your wireless levels
    • Metering: Wireless levels will be present on the mixers' L/R Stereo meters
    • Custom transformers
  • Dimensions: 3” x 2” x 1 1/4"

    Weight: 6 oz (170 g)

    All connections on the bottom  

    Assembled in USA

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